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Restaurant Commercial Laundry & Linen Cleaning Services

Blue Pig Laundry has a robust commercial laundry and linen cleaning service.  We wash, dry and fold table cloths, chair covers, rags, mop heads, and uniforms for those in the restaurant industry. We offer commercial laundry service for restaurants, catering companies, bars, and all types of food eateries. We offer FREE pickup and delivery with our laundry service.  

Blue Pig Laundry is know for its laundry service throughout Boulder and Weld counties.  We pickup laundry Monday-Friday and return your freshly cleaned and folded laundry and linens on our next delivery day.

Commercial Laundry is bid by the job. Pricing is based on how many pounds of laundry you have, how often you need it washed, and how difficult it is to fold.  Please email us, call us, or fill out this form for a bid. We'd love to help you out.
(720) 580-8145